Tolerance of aggressive fluids
SK Underboring (Horizontal Directional Drilling)
Slip safety with greasy fluids


GRIP references

The GRIP tiles have been developed for industrial use in areas with oil spill, graphite mud and fats (animal as well as organic) where staff may slip.

GRIP has proven to be an ideal solution for the improvement of work safety and an enhancement of work comfort in numerous Danish and foreign companies.

Elektro Isola in Vejle, Denmark, produce electro-technical insulation materials. A GRIP floor was mounted next to a sandblasting machine that used small glass beads, creating a significant slip hazard.
PRODAN in Randers, Denmark, started with just a small GRIP flooring test order of 10 m². They soon added another 200 m², being a perfect example of GRIP floors with varied fittings in a difficult environment.
SK Underboring (Horizontal Directional Drilling) used GRIP floors in their technology carts in which Bentonite drilling mud was prepared for use. Bentonite drilling mud is so greasy that even after years it remains slippery.
Legro in Karlslunde, Denmark, produces herbs and spices on an industrial level, and the staff experienced extremely slippy floors due to the green algae in their production, leading to dangerous situations.

The IVECO factories in Italy use GRIP floors in a production facility subject to oils, silicone and extremely aggressive fluids, such as brake fluids and the like.