Testing slip-resistance


Tests, measurement and certification

Slip-resistance measurements of our tiles have been performed at FGK Institute, Germany, which performs testing and analyses data and key figures in material and process technology.

Measurements are performed by test persons walking with short steps on a piece of flooring, the gradient of which is progressively increased until the test person slips.

To simulate industrial conditions, the test persons wear shoes with a coarse sole profile and the tiles are soaked with motor oil and soap water.

The GRIP tile achieved a slip angle of 27,7 degrees, corresponding to a gradient of 1: 2.2.

GRIP flooring is therefore deemed to be in accordance with DIN standard 51130 with the label R12 – the second highest distinction for slip-resistance.


All our products are tested for slip-resistance, breakage safety and fire resistance by graduate engineer Jørgen Meyer.
All our products are certified according to valid European and international standards. Please find below certificates and test reports.

Is GRIP compatible with all environments and resistant to all chemicals?
You just have to try it. If you use a specialist fluid, we can send you a tile which you can cover with this fluid over a testing period – if it withstands the test, you have a positive indication the tile should be suitable to use. Furthermore, we would prefer that an order is preceded by a small test order, so that each customer feels 100% confident.

 Apart from this we offer all customers a small test order package of 5 to 10 m² to begin with. In this way you can test the flooring in a real work situation before placing a bigger order.

A company such as Prodan A/S in Randers, Denmark,nowadays uses several hundred m² of our flooring yet started with just a small test order of 10 m² so they could test the utility of the floor and thus get a qualified answer to their questions.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in a test fitting..
DIN standard 51130
GRIP flooring has been tested in accordance with DIN standard 51130 with the label R12 – the second highest distinction for slip-resistance.

GRIP tiles may be used in extreme environments and using substances such as:
• Drilling mud
• Oil
• Fats
• Cutting fluids
• Hydraulic fluid
• Brake fluid
• Silicone
• Salt water
• Green algae
• Soil and mud

GRIP – for your safety!

The table below shows the GRIP tile's slip resistance according to DIN 51130:2004-6


Certificates and test results

All our products are certified
All our products are continuously tested, validated and environmentally -certified.